ATR's re-engineered UNIVERSAL spindle

ATR Universal Spindle new design

Re-egineered Universal spindle released soon

ATR Resolutions, the manufacturer of the influential ATR Tile Leveling and Alignment system is soon to release its new re-engineered UNIVERSAL spindle.
More robust in construction, and with larger viewing portals, the new spindle makes it easier to accurately and professionally lay your tiles.

The new UNIVERSAL spindle now has a clearance of 23mm giving you the ability to lay thicker tiles. The new design is easier to grip, and more convenient to turn by hand. Importantly the spindle still fits the ATR 10mm socket bit, so the agility of the system is ensured.

The new spindle continues to fit all of the ATR spacing plates including the industry changing “T” spacing plate. The “T” spacing plate is perfect for your brick pattern or offset tile patterns.

The spindle removes cleanly and easily. Simply unscrew by hand or back it off using a cordless drill. NO force, No kicking, and NO over clicking! There’s no risk of fragmenting tiles or leaving unwanted obstructions behind. Clean, simple and efficient.

The spindle is still reusable and great value, so put them aside and store them until your next tile installation job.

The ATR UNIVERSAL spindle captures:

  • Larger viewing holes for easy and precise tile placement
  • Clearance of 23mm giving you the ability to lay thicker tiles
  • Stainless steel screw-NO rusting, longer life
  • Easy grip for manual turning
  • Fits the ATR 10mm drill socket
  • Fits all ATR spacing plates
  • Easy to remove–NO force, NO kicking, NO overclicking
  • NO unwanted obstructions left behind
  • More robust design
  • Reusable

“This is a great piece of cooperative product innovation and planning”, said Andy Psaila, Owner and Manager of ATR Resolutions. “We’d like to thank our passionate users for providing valuable feedback and our design team for their great work.”

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